Shedding light on bat behaviour: conservation research project

Outputs & Conservation

BARSlogoProduction of practical guidelines for the mitigation of lighting along bat commuting routes. This is invaluable information for the effective conservation management of bats in areas of human-bat conflict such as lighting of sports grounds, public events and street lighting at residential and industrial development sites. These guidelines will inform policy on a national scale, enabling conservation managers to meet Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) targets for lesser horseshoe bats and Habitat Action Plan (HAP) targets for hedgerows and river corridors across the country.

Increased understanding bat flight and commuting behaviour(with a focus on lesser horseshoe bats, but including other species), which will assist in the effective conservation planning for this and other species in line with UK BAP priorities.

Increased understanding and awareness of the impacts of lighting on bats (with a focus on lesser horseshoe bats) informing decisions on the favourable conservation status of bats in the UK, in line with EC requirements.

Provision of training and field experience for local bat workers, bat Group members, students from colleges,and volunteers.

Increased awareness of bats and lighting and the conservation implications - through talks at conferences, local bat groups and related organisations.