Shedding light on bat behaviour: conservation research project



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CSa Environmental, Dulverton Trust, Jacobs Ltd; thanks to Gavin Williams for logo design and Andy Crook for Electrical Expertese


Bat Conservation Trust - are assisting with technical and professional advice relating to lighting, policy, and site contacts.

DW Windsor have donated equipment and kindly providing technical advice and assistance regarding lighting and policy.

Institution of Lighting Engineers - are providing technical advice regarding lighting and policy.

Natural England - have endorsed the project and are providing technical advice, guidance and access to data and reports.

Countryside Council for Wales - are assisting with access to sites and previous data and financial support.

Somerset, Avon, Gloucestershire, Devon and Cornwall Bat Groups - are assisting with access to sites, local information, previous records and field assistance.

Vincent Wildlife Trust - are assisting with access to sites and expert advice.